D’Accord’s Manager Assist Helpline is designed to assist managers and supervisors with difficult employee management issues. Face to face sessions can be organised within 24 hours of making the initial contact. Telephone assistance can be provided within 30 minutes of the initial phone call. The D’Accord consultant will respond to urgent assistance immediately.

Management AssistManager Assist - As part of our overall EAP strategy, D’Accord provides Manager Support services which provide access via our dedicated 1300 toll free number for managers, supervisors, team leaders and other senior personnel to our consultants who have a strong background in occupational health and safety, problem resolution in relation to people management issues, interpersonal conflict, workplace injury, underperformance, effective management and support of troubled employees and HR consultancy.

Managers can make contact with the Manager Support services by telephoning our toll free contact number. As with other types of EAP counselling, this support service is available 24 hours a day. D’Accord will familiarise employees of all of your organisation's people management policies to ensure the best practice is continuously provided.

Our Manager Support service provides confidential advice and referral services to assist with the management of general staff issues such as: how to manage staff through understanding individual personality types and the development of specific people management skills, strategies to promote group harmony and positive work cultures, the management of staff through organisational change etc.

Contact the Manager Assist Helpline by calling 1300 88 77 24, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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