D'Accord ServicesD’Accord Pty Ltd is an industry leader in the provision of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), critical incident stress management services, workplace training, mediation, assessment and organisational consultancy services. Our aim is to assist our client organisation to improve and maintain the health, wellbeing and adaptability of their workforce. We have a diverse client base, including federal / state government departments, local councils, small to medium sized businesses and national companies.

D’Accord has developed a reputation for providing timely and cost effective EAP and critical incident management services to meet the specific needs of organisations.

Through our national offices, we have the capacity and infrastructure to successfully provide EAP and related services to public and private organisations across Australia. D’Accord currently provides and can assure immediate response nationally, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our strength lies in our ability to provide effective, efficient and flexible services to organisations that are spread geographically.

Our people work with yours to enhance their adaptability and effectiveness at work to successfully accommodate change. We provide our services at all levels of your organisation, with a focus on meeting broader corporate goals while meeting individual needs. D’Accord will tailor a specialised EAP program to suit your organisation’s needs.

Our professionals share a wide range of disciplines with diverse work backgrounds and long-term experience relating to this charter. D’Accord has a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who are commercially realistic, down-to-earth people committed to providing quality services with a value-for-money approach.



  • Improve and maintain performance and productivity of the workforce / staff in your organisation.
  • Conduct risk-management of situations and staff.
  • Are a valuable service to have when required.
  • Effectively minimise absenteeism and workcover claims.
  • Are responsive. We can be available on site within 2 hours of a trauma or critical incident involving you or your staff.
  • Assist, enhance and compliment your organisation’s HR Department. We are a partner.
  • Have quality staff. Psychologists / associates have no less than 6 years corporate experience – an average of 14 years.
  • Staff come from a variety of backgrounds; eg. clinical, trauma-specific, hospital-based.

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