Work related issues such as:

  • stress
  • organisational change
  • difficult work relationships

often effect staff performance and can create serious cost exposures.

Problems at home including:

  • relationships and family issues
  • drug and alcohol abuse
  • gambling and financial problems

can also negatively effect work performance.

D'Accord Employee Assistance Programs - EAPAccess to an EAP can reduce risk within companies and help to ensure optimal staff performance. This is achieved, through the identification of issues and deployment of strategies to assist workers to master presenting life demands.

“The personal counselling I received from EAP helped me to understand and gain strength to continue in my position after a very violent, abusive call from a client. Continuing on in the position gave me a better psychological understanding of the affect this call had on my being and how I could use this experience to take more control of any other similar calls or personal affronts I may experience within this position”
– Client feedback

Our professional assistance has to date prevented many situations from escalating and becoming costly to the organisation. Our proactive approach has been successful in reducing workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism costs.

Employee Assistance Programs may be:

  • Employer referred, and / or
  • Self-referred

Employer-Referred EAP

Employer Referred Programs enable the employee to attend counselling for specific issues identified and discussed with the employee’s Manager or HR Department. Usually the referral follows from a marked deterioration in the employee's work performance. This service mode tends to be reactive rather than preventative, as a readily visible issue must exist before counselling becomes available.

Self-Referred EAP

Self-Referred Employee Assistance Programs, on the other hand, provide assistance to staff at all levels of an organisation on a strictly confidential basis. The ability of individuals to self-refer makes counselling accessible at an early stage to address a wide range of problems that would otherwise have impaired work performance and amounted to lost productivity and/or absenteeism.

This program is more preventative in terms of addressing issues as they arise - with attendant cost savings. Early intervention is more effective in preventing potential psychological and workplace issues becoming liabilities to the sponsoring organisation.

Staff attending the Employee Assistance Program have access to experienced professional counselling staff skilled in dealing with issues arising in home and work life.

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